Geek Shock # 399 - GUNTER by Kahless Klein

The geek news flows as the Pop-o-Matic of Doom decides our fate and makes us talk about The Dark Room restaurant, Atomic Blonde, Resident Evil 7 and Batman Arkam VR, Captain Underpants, June Foray, Trouble in the Tower, Bumblebee, Rick and Morty get their sauce, the John Wick cinematic universe, HBO gets hacked, Marvel gives old series a proper end, The Robotech Movie, KAHN!!, Black America, Underbelly, Liking What You See, Age of Miracles, Wicked West, Shock Theater, TV Shows that ended in a cliff hanger, and Gunter (by Kalvin Klein). Harelip! It's time for a Geek Shock.


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