Geek Shock #391 - Andyana Jones

This week we hit the record button WAY too early as we talk about Wonder Woman (Spoiler Free), The joy of Michael Rooker, The Guardians Touch a Monkey {Guardians of the Galaxy 2 spoilers} (31:50), The long road to Jerusalem's Lot, Jeff's Happy Bacon Weiner, So you wanna move to Vegas(?), a request to up the Funko Game, The Dark Universe Expands, The Phantom's Love Never Dies, Sharknado 5, The epic of Egbert the Third vs Mazes and Monsters, The biopic of Wonder Marston, The journey of Rambo, The Man Who Filmed Don Quixote, Runaways find a Hulu home, We'll always be together in Electric Dreams, NOS4A2, Not much Pandora, Beware the Silent History, Star Wars: Inferno Squad, the curse of Sleeping Beauties, and some Red Light/Green Light. So loft that wiener, it's time for a Geek Shock!


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