Geek Shock #389 - The Sniffing of Marquis de Sade

This week we almost lose Torgo as we talk about the return of Twin Peaks, Heavy Metal, Andy's life of crime and accompanying Tattoo, 12 Monkeys, the return of Tim Bits, the Dark Universe, Resident Evil Reboots, Justice League, Sir Roger Moore, Tom Hardy is Venom, Dark Crystal Returns, Red Light/Green Light returns, Nathan Drake is chosen, George Romero Returns to the Dead, Cronenberg's Dragon, Ridley Scott TNT's a night, Torgo mangles Snowpiercer, The Witcher, Nightflyers, The Wheel of Time, Judge Dredd, Locke & Key, Witchblade, Kingdom, and King Kong Skull Island. So get Torgo some reading lessons, it's time for a Geek Shock!


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